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People look at your shoes! Are they up to your standard?

The World of Luxuries is not just a fast car – no matter if it is a Maserati or a Ferrari. Oh yes, some of the fastest cars are Made in Italy. But Italians are not only great in making great cars, They are absolutely great on Fashion and Leather Goods – especially shoes. But let’s get back to “Luxuries”. If a man wants to live in the World of Luxuries, one should see and smell it. People look at shoes. Are your shoes up to your standard? The standard of the World of Luxuries?

Enter the world of Fratelli Rossetti, one of the major “Made in Italy” shoe producers since 1953. In a perfect mix between style and tradition with a touch of unpredictability, this model in black calfskin features front tassels and side laces.

loafers, loafer shoes

Fratelli Rossetti – Black Calf Leather Tassel Loafer Shoes – International Delivery – Click here for Order Information

2003 Fratelli Rossetti celebrated an important milestone: fifty years of activity, a long chronicle of passion and dedication that has led to the affirmation of a brand which is synonymous with quality, style and luxury in Italy and abroad. Several factors have contributed to the consolidation of the success of Fratelli Rossetti, foremost of which is the great importance the company places on the product, with continuous investment into stylistic and technical research permitting the attainment of excellent results in the price/quality ratio.

More than half a century of great achievements have involved two generations, from Renzo Rossetti, the company’s founder, to his sons Diego, Dario and Luca who represent the present and the future, having been promoted to the leadership of the firm in 2003. from Fratelli Rosetti – about Company.

Luxuries: Loafers. – See more loafers from Fratelli Rosetti


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